Ministry of Hospitality

The Ministry of Hospitality creates an inviting atmosphere as parishioners and visitors enter through the doors of the Basilica of our Lady by welcoming and greeting.  Members of the Hospitality Ministry are following in the image of Jesus by exhibiting kindness, care and love to all people.

The Hospitality Ministry is always excited to welcome new members who want to serve our parish and most importantly, want to serve our God.


Ushers are an integral part of our parish community and have been for many years.  Traditionally, they are recognizable for their presence at church entrances, showing people to seats and coordinating their flow, taking up the collection, organizing the offertory procession and handing out bulletins.  They are often the first people seen by those entering the church, and the last seen while leaving.

More recently, their role has been evolving.  They are actively involved in our celebration and are present to assist the congregation.  Many Ushers have CPR and AED training to assist in medical emergencies.  They play an important role in other emergencies and generally ensure that mass runs smoothly.

Should an emergency occur, the Ushers will coordinate any actions that are required.  They will summon help as required and assist where needed.

It is common to have visitors from across Canada and from most continents, and the role of Ushers provides a unique opportunity to meet them.  Being in a position to interact with, and assist parishioners, and to welcome visitors, converse with them and learn of their culture is a rewarding experience.


Greeters are a relatively recent and visible component of the Ministry of Hospitality, showing respect for all people and are comfortable meeting new people.

As Greeters welcome fellow brothers and sisters to God's house, they share the first sign of our faith, to love one another as God loves us.  This greeting is a proclamation that you are welcome here, we are happy to see you today, and it confirms that you belong here.

Greeters can be found at each mass by various entrances.  If parishioners or visitors have any questions, Greeters are able to answer them or direct their questions to the appropriate individual who can.

Once mass begins, Greeters find a seat among the congregation and are models of our faith, participating fully in mass by singing, praying, and partaking in the responses.

Greeting is a ministry that is open to any parish member, regardless of age or gender and it is a wonderful experience to contribute in a meaningful way.

For more information about the Hospitality Ministry, contact the Parish office directly, or click on the Volunteer link and someone will contact you.